Apex Combat Academy Jiu Jitsu Orientation (New Students)

Jiu Jitsu Orientation (New Students)

A requirement for all new students of the APEX BJJ Program (including colored belts). This class is included in every training package and is designed to give all members a solid educational foundation on topics not covered during physical instruction classes. It will cover APEX gym etiquette, training, hygiene, program/student expectations, uniform/gear requirements, training lineage, belt structure, a Q&A session, and short open mat session introducing basic roll structures to help students gain confidence stepping on the mat for the APEX BJJ Program.

Offered 1-2 times a week on Monday evenings, and Saturday afternoons.

What the Orientation’s All about:

  • Instructor Introduction, credentials, background
  • History and evolution of Jiu Jitsu
  • What makes BJJ unique?
  • Belt Structure
  • Tournament Training vs. Street Training
  • Gi vs. NoGi – Uniform Requirements
  • Apex Gym Etiquette
  • Training Hygiene
  • Rolling with the opposite sex
  • Student Q&A

Uniform: Fitness-appropriate attire.

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