Apex Combat Academy  Street Safe: Law Enforcement Jiu Jitsu Overview

Street Safe: Law Enforcement Jiu Jitsu Overview

Law Enforcement Officers are an integral part of the community and often receive very little to no training from their departments on ground fighting tactics. With the recent changes in Colorado legislation and many departmental policies, Apex Combat Academy recognizes Officers are in need of quality self-defense and ground fighting training now more than ever. In the Street Safe: Law Enforcement Jiu Jitsu class, Officers will develop a strong foundation in Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu defensive tactics, control tactics, and takedowns to enhance officer safety in combat situations while on patrol.

Apex Combat Academy

Apex Combat Academy is committed to investing in the community by making Jiu Jitsu accessible and affordable to all local Law Enforcement Officers in an effort to increase Officer confidence, reduce injuries and stress, and reduce deadly use of force encounters.

Check out the article from Police One to learn more about the benefits of adding regular Jiu Jitsu training to your tool box:
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Check out this podcast from Policing Matters featuring Rener Gacie discussing why every cop needs one hour of Jiu Jitsu training a week:
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*The Street Safe: Law Enforcement Jiu Jitsu class is restricted to sworn Police Officers and nonsworn Corrections Officers. Must present current and valid department ID.

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