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Apex Combat Transportation Services

Apex Combat Academy

Transportation Services and Information

Parent’s — are you too busy to:

Pickup your Children?
Drop them off at their activities?
Pick them back up, and drive through traffic all the way home?

We Provide:

  • Pickup
  • Drop off
  • At-Home Programming (Youth and Special Needs)

Snacks and Beverages included with service.
Education Materials played during transportation.

Parents must fill out intake forms for their Child’s Diet & Allergy info.

  • Snacks and Beverage Provided.
  • Catered to individual needs — parents are required to fill out forms with information specific to their child’s dietary/personal needs.
  • Educational materials and arts provided.

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Our mission is to provide a community through martial arts, that nurtures the physical and mental needs of our citizens. It’s simple as that.

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