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Yoga may be the workout you need the most to compliment your lifestyle, and training schedule!

This program incorporates active recovery, stretching, breathwork, meditation, and with good effort can be an excellent workout.

Yoga will improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, and above all – your mentality! What’s not to love?


According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, Yoga is likely to:

  • Improve Strength, Balance, and Flexibility
  • Help relieve pain in sore areas like back, neck, hips, etc.
  • Improve Sleep
  • Relieve Stress


Apex Combat Academy Programs


At Apex, we want our students to restore and recover their bodies, just as much as we want them to reach their physical and mental goals. Yoga is an important addition to our martial arts programs for this exact reason!

Power Yoga

Monday: 7 AM
Tuesday: 6 AM

Our “Power Yoga” is the perfect balance of strength, stretching, and active recovery. It is a moderate level class (in regards to physical effort). It will accomplish your daily yoga & light exercise goals, and leave you feeling rejuvenated for your day.

Hot Yoga

Friday: 8:15 PM

Our “Hot Yoga” is an absolutely legit program. Our facilities are top of the line – we’ve got the best Mats in the business, and our state of the art Infrared Radiant Heater that can reach up to 200k BTU’s.

This creates a soft, safe, and warm-hot environment for the yoga session. Imagine yourself being able to comfortably stretch in a low-med temperature infrared sauna. What an absolute luxury! The primary goal of our Hot Yoga session is recovery. We focus more on the stretching and relieving of sore areas of the students’ bodies. We allow the warmth and heat to assist in the sweating of the session, while the students focus on relaxation.

Yoga Schedule

Check out our Yoga schedule here!

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Our mission is to provide a community through martial arts, that nurtures the physical and mental needs of our citizens. It’s simple as that.

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