Tale of Apex Combat Academy

Apex Combat Academy Tale of Apex Combat Academy

This tale isn’t just about a gym; it’s a story of an unbreakable bond that transcended time and adversity.

Master Kurt, a seasoned loving warrior of the martial arts world, first encountered a young and eager 15-year-old named Austin. From the moment their paths crossed, destiny seemed to be at work. Master Kurt recognized in Austin a diamond in the rough, as no greatness is achieved without work, and took him under his wing.

The duo’s journey was nothing short of extraordinary. At the tender age of 17, they celebrated their first national championship win together, a moment that would become etched in the annals of their history. For years, they worked side by side as coach and student, a partnership forged in sweat, tears, and unwavering trust.

However, as the years passed, Austin’s restless spirit led him to explore the world of coaching
and training in various cities and teams like: Muscle Pharm, Elevation Fight Team, HAMA, Bang
Muay Thai, 303 Training Center, and nearly every gym in the Denver Metro.

Two years away from Master Kurt allowed Austin to glimpse the vast expanse of the martial arts world, but he soon realized that what he shared with Kurt was truly special. Irreplaceable.

Austin returned, not just as a pupil, but as a devoted disciple. Their bond grew stronger, and it was during this time that fate threw them a curveball. Master Kurt was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, a grim prognosis that could have easily shattered their spirits.

But they were fighters in the truest sense, not just on the mats but in life itself. They didn’t know how much time Kurt had left, but they knew one thing: “The People” needed their martial arts and training. So, together, they made a life-altering decision – to create the gym they had always dreamed of: the Apex Combat Academy.

In those final months, as Kurt’s health deteriorated, he fought like a warrior possessed. He displayed heroic strength and unwavering commitment to his gym and students. His every move was a testament to his undying love for the sport and the people he had mentored over the years.

As the days turned into weeks,and weeks turned to months, Master Kurt knew the “End” was coming.

Apex Combat Academy Tale of Apex Combat Academy

Master Kurt summoned Kru Austin, his brother, best friend, and most trusted disciple. This is when Master Kurt shared his final 3 wishes with Austin.

First, Kurt revealed the prophecy – the legacy he wished to pass down through generations. He handed Austin his blessed Mongkol & Prajiid’s, and entrusted him with carrying his Will and Legacy, ensuring that the teachings and principles he lived and fought for would endure.

Someday, this item is to be passed down to the student of prophecy, the one who would carry the torch forward, preserving the essence of their teachings for eternity.

Second, he asked Austin to create an Apex Combat Academy Omaha. A dream gym that would provide the same teachings and principles he so proudly stood for, in his home area. Master Kurt believed that these lessons of difficulty, challenge, sharing, and love, were needed here.

Apex Combat Academy Tale of Apex Combat Academy

The third wish was private, and remains between Coach & Student, forever.

It was in those precious moments, with Kurt’s Prajid’s/Mongkol placed in Austin’s hands, that the torch was passed, not just of knowledge and skill, but of spirit and heart. Master Kurt may have left this world, but his legacy lives on through the unwavering dedication of Kru Austin, and each and every student that embodies the principles of Apex.

This tale is not just a story of a gym; it is a story of a bond stronger than life itself, a testament to the enduring power of mentorship, love, and the indomitable spirit of martial arts.

This is Apex Combat Academy.

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